Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer is responsible to the WSO for monitoring and reporting all the WSO income and expenses.  This includes liaison as needed with the WSO office staff and supporting accounting firm.

Check here for the latest WSO Treasurer and accounting reports to the WSO Board.

Sept. 2013 Treasurer's Report

To the Fellowship,

We’ve continued to refine the changes to the Profit and Loss Statement that are helping to clarify our financial picture. As you will see, the Distribution Center is doing a great job of processing orders efficiently and more cost effectively.

The 7th Tradition donations for September and previous months are listed on the Donations Received tab on the menu to the left. If you are sending a donation from your meeting and want to be sure the meeting’s name is listed, please remember to note the meeting ID number, which you can find on our website.

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August 2013 Treasurer's Report

We’ve made some changes to the financial statements in an effort to clarify our financial picture. The Balance Sheet shows a new breakout for the Savings section that has our best estimates of where money will have to be spent and what needs to be kept as a Prudent Reserve. We made a shift in the structure of the Profit and Loss Statement, separating things into

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June 2013 Treasurer's Report

7th Tradition Donations for June were $3,329.72. Thank you to all meetings and individuals that are able to send contributions. Donations for previous months are available under the "Donations Received" tab under "Treasurer's Report" to the left. 

Thanks to the Donations and eBook sales, along with efficiencies that are being implemented in the Signal Hill office, there was a Net Income of $4,196.17. The Balance Sheet and P&L Statement give you more particulars about the financial situation, and the Pie Charts give you a visual. 

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July 2013 Treasurer's Report

As our Profit and Loss Statement shows, the Distribution Center generated a profit of $2,056.86 in July. This figure is derived by subtracting the 7th Tradition donations ($3,800.07) and eBook sales ($1,592.42) from the Net Income of $7,449.35.   The amounts shown in the Balance Sheet under Savings are all accounted for as a Prudent Reserve of $40,000 and the remainder for Website redesign and a move to a new Shopping Cart, as well as costs of producing other literature, such as the the Meditation Book and finishing the Audio BRB.  Note that the Donations Received tab on the left has a list of previous month's Donations. 

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May 2013 Treasurer's Report

Welcome to the May, 2013, Treasurer’s Report. Let me start by saying that I am honored to serve as the newly appointed Treasurer for ACA WSO.

  • The 7th tradition donations this month were $1,215.76, which is down considerably from previous months.
  • Our Balance Sheet now shows that we are appropriately earmarking funds for specific expected expenditures.
  • The Income and Expenses are reflected in the May P&L Statement and visually in these piecharts. The result is that our net income for May was $-667.22. This was partially due to some of the expenses for the 2013 ABC (Annual Business Conference) in Denmark. Our cost for the facility, food, and photocopying, etc., was $3,801.98 + bank transfer fees ($5,810.20 was billed, but was offset by just over $2,000 in donations from attendees.)

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