Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer is responsible to the WSO for monitoring and reporting all the WSO income and expenses.  This includes liaison as needed with the WSO office staff and supporting accounting firm.

Check here for the latest WSO Treasurer and accounting reports to the WSO Board.

July 2014 Treasurer's Report

The Balance Sheet for July shows an increase in Net Income of just over $15,000.  This compares to the Net Income one year ago of $7,449. 

The Profit and Loss Statement gives us the information about where the Net Income is derived. There were no remarkable changes this month.  WSO Cost Center Income was down, but so were the expenses in that cost center.  The increase in the Accounting Fees attributed to the WSO Cost Center is due to the cost of filing our tax returns. 

Martin has created a chart that compares the Net Income month over month for the first half of this year. 

Click here to see the Treasury Committee meeting minutes from July 30th. 

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Jo L.


June 2014 Treasurer's Report

Summer is officially here and that means our fiscal year is at the midpoint.  Our financials continue to look strong.  The Balance Sheet shows that funds are set aside for the purchase of additional inventory. In July that will include Soft Cover Red Texts and Meditation Books. You can also see under Intangible Assets the amount that has been paid thusfar for the development of our new website. 

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April 2014 Financials

On the heals of a very successful Annual Business Conference in Deerfield, IL, hosted by the West Great Lakes Intergroup, I am pleased to commence another year in my role as Treasurer.  And I am also pleased to be able to say that the Treasury Committee is re-doubling our efforts to tackle all things financial for WSO.  Thank you to Allen and Martin for your support and dedication to the Fellowship.  We also had a volunteer at the ABC, Tim from Chicago, who is interested in consulting with us.  Thank you, Tim. 

As we look at the financials for April, the Current Asset section of the Balance Sheet continues to explain the planned allocations of available funds.  Also, note that all approved funds have been used for the development of the new website, which is listed in the Intangible Asset portion.  

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May 2014 Treasurer's Report

The financials for May are as follows:

The May 2014 Balance Sheet and the Profit and Loss Statement.

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In my absence this month, I asked Martin C. to give a report.  Per Martin, "I tend to be interested in year to date figures, rather than details for one month. The P/L figures show both. Some context (around the figures), in (the full year) 2012 our surplus was about $5k. In 2013, our surplus was about $90k.  In the first 5 months of 2014, we have already achieved a surplus of $92k."  

Our increase in revenue is due in large part to sales of the Meditation Book, although sales in general have increased as well. 

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Treasurer's Report for the 2014 ACA WSO Annual Business Conference

I had the honor of being elected WSO Treasurer at the 2013 ABC in Denmark. At the same time, a Treasury Committee was formed to help broaden the perspective of the Treasurer role.

Committee Members:

  • Allen C., WSO Trustee elected at the 2013 ABC, from Oklahoma City
  • Martin C., ACA Member from the UK
  • Luke J., ACA Member from New York, was added in May 2013 and participated through early September

We meet via Skype and with few exceptions, we’ve met twice per month since June 2013.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Treasury Committee is to inventory the financial state of the WSO on an ongoing basis while maintaining transparency. In doing so, all financially-related processes are examined and suggestions are made to the WSO Board. All tasks are done with the primary purpose of keeping the fellowship financially stable and healthy so that the message continues to be carried to ACAs throughout the world.

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