Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer is responsible to the WSO for monitoring and reporting all the WSO income and expenses.  This includes liaison as needed with the WSO office staff and supporting accounting firm.

Check here for the latest WSO Treasurer and accounting reports to the WSO Board.

Treasurer's Report and Finance Committee - February 2016

The financial statements that I present monthly for WSO are our Balance Sheet and our Profit and Loss Statement (P&L.)  7th Tradition contributions are shown on the sub-tab under Treasurer's Report.

The Balance Sheet shows WSO Assets, Liabilities and Equity. With some of the funds available we will be hiring additional people in the near future, which will also mean additional furniture and equipment. So expenses will rise.

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Treasurer's Report and Finance Committee - January 2016

Treasurer's Report

The January Net Income was $23,892. In December there was a Net Income of (-$1,112) because we ran out of Laundry Lists Workbooks; orders seemed to be held back waiting for them. The January increase helped offset that loss. For the details, see the Profit and Loss Statement.  The Balance Sheet is shown here

To see a list of all 7th Tradition contributions for January, as well as previous months, click on "Treasurer's Report" in the left column to reveal the Donations tab. If you find an error, please send an email to  Sometimes contributions are listed as Anonymous when they are actually from a group.

Finance Committee

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November 2015 Treasurer's Report

You may notice a slightly different look to the financials because we are now rounding the numbers off to make them easier to read. 

To get to the specifics, the Balance Sheet for last month has changed little. 

The Profit and Loss Statement explains that for the month of November, sales, less cost of goods sold, were about $29,500.  This figure does not include what was collected and paid for shipping. The Distribution Center income after expenses was $13,647. 

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December 2015 Treasurer's Report

The financials will be posted as soon as they are ready.  There have been some delays due to the holidays.  December 2015 Profit and Loss Statement; December 2015 Balance Sheet.

The Net Income for December is -$1,112. December sales can sometimes be lower than usual, which partly accounts for this negative balance.  Also, we ran out of the Laundry Lists Workbook in mid December so some people may be waiting to order until it is available again, which will be closer to the end of this month. 

The Finance Committee now includes another new member besides Jeffrey F. from Prague and that is Bill D. from Florida.  We will have our first committee meeting soon.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Jo L., Treasurer

October 2015 Treasurer's Report

The Profit and Loss Statement for October shows a negative balance of $5,242.  An expenditure was made of $17,720 for translations that will be reported on during the Literature Committee report. 

The Balance Sheet is largely unchanged. 

There is no Finance Committee report as there is temporarily no committee. 


Mary Jo L.

WSO Treasurer and Board Trustee