7th Tradition Contributions

“The fund flow model of ACA is based on a 60/40 disbursement. After the group meets its monthly expenses and sets aside money for a prudent reserve, 60 percent of what is left over is usually sent to the local Intergroup and 40 percent is sent to WSO. A prudent reserve usually is the amount that equals two month’s worth of meeting expenses. The meeting expenses would include rent, utilities, and other group expenses.” ACA Fellowship Text, pg. 609

Thank you to all meetings and individuals who are able to send 7th Tradition contributions to enable World Service to continue its mission of spreading the ACA message to those who still suffer.

The list below shows all 7th Tradition Contributions received for May of 2016. To view the Financial Statements for last month, please click on Treasurer’s Report on the menu to the left.

If there are any errors in the following list, please send corrections to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

May 2016

Anonymous, Geyserville, CA                    10
Anonymous, Los Angeles, CA                      8
Anonymous, Nova Scotia, Canada                  100
Anonymous, Aurora, CO                    25
Anonymous, Twin Falls, ID                    20
Anonymous, Eastchester, NY                      1
Anonymous, Levittown, NY                    35
Anonymous, Cincinnati, OH                    20
Anonymous, Portland, OR                    30
Anonymous, The Woodlands, TX                    17
Anonymous, Annandale, VA                    10
Anonymous, Goldvein, VA                    99
Anonymous, Springfield, VA                    10
CA719, Thousand Oaks, CA                  180
CA862, Palo Alto, CA                    50
CA865, Thousand Oaks, CA                  100
CA898, La Jolla, CA                  130
CA1020, Oakland, CA                  414
CA1031, Riverside, CA                  100
CA1092, Berkeley, CA                  100
CA1123, Pacifica, CA                    40
CA1162, Orange, CA                    10
CA1168, Ventura, CA                    68
CA1192, Torrance, CA                    40
CO013, Broomfield, CO                  525
CO035, Loveland, CO                    60
GA021, Marietta, GA                  194
IL164, Chicago, IL                  200
IN063, Indianapolis, IN                  204
KS023, Pittsburg, KS                      5
MA036, Shrewsbury, MA                  193
MA057, Worcester, MA                  123
MA061, Northampton, MA                    50
ME022, Rockport, ME                    10
MN144, Mahtomedi, MN                    80
NM023, Albuquerque, NM                    33
NM033, Albuquerque, NM                    35
NV062, Las Vegas, NV                    50
NY0140, East Aurora, NY                    15
NY119, Philmont, NY                    50
OK019, Tulsa, OK                    55
PA078, New Hope, PA                  193
PA080, Allentown, PA                    68
RI002, Providence, RI                    50
RUS034, Moscow, Russia                    10
TEL170, Guelph, Ontario                      4
TEL173, Pittsburg, KS                      5
TN045, Nashville, TN                  100
TX108, Austin, TX                    40
TX119, Dallas, TX                  764
TX126, Dallas, TX                  764
WI067, Madison, WI                    60
TOTAL               5,558


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