Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer is responsible to the WSO for monitoring and reporting all the WSO income and expenses.  This includes liaison as needed with the WSO office staff and supporting accounting firm.

Check here for the latest WSO Treasurer and accounting reports to the WSO Board.

Treasurer's Report and Finance Committee Report - March 2016

TREASURER’S REPORT: The 7th Tradition Contributions for March totaled $6,268. The individual contributions that make up that amount, as well as contributions for previous months, can be located on the Donations sub-tab under Treasurer’s Report.

The format of the Profit and Loss Statement (P&L) has been changed to reflect the Gross Sales before any direct expenses are attached, such as Cost of Goods Sold. Gross Sales for March was $70,943. This included a large sale of books and translated BRBs and Workbooks to the Danish Intergroup. On page 3 there is a breakdown of expenses thusfar for this month’s ABC in Florida. That includes an offset of the amount collected for Attendee Registrations.

Overall Net Income shown at the bottom of the P&L was $14,900. The Balance Sheet is also available as well as the Piecharts that depict income and expenses.

FINANCE COMMITTEE: Members Bill D., Jeffrey F., Mary Jo L.

We have worked on the following items since the last TC: enhancing the Fiscal Policy in the OPPM; examining TransferWise as a less expensive payment method when wire transfers are required; completing setup of Amazon UK for selling books in Europe at a lower cost; changes to the Chart of Accounts, some of which is already reflected in the current P&L Statement mentioned in the Treasurer’s Report; less expensive shipping using Media Mail and Library Mail; interpretation of the Executive Board approval of expenses under $500. We plan to start tracking the P&L on each of our books and translations. We will also be working on 2015 budget vs. actual figures as well as the 2016 budget after the ABC. Although it will be late, our Treasurer did not have a Committee for several months during the timeframe when this would have been discussed.


Mary Jo L.

ACA WSO Treasurer and Board Trustee

Treasurer's Report and Finance Committee for February 2016

The financial statements that I present monthly for WSO are our Balance Sheet and our Profit and Loss Statement (P&L.)  7th Tradition contributions are shown on the sub-tab under Treasurer's Report. 

The Balance Sheet shows WSO Assets, Liabilities and Equity. With some of the funds available we will be hiring additional people in the near future, which will also mean additional furniture and equipment. So expenses will rise.

The P&L shows both last month's figures and the accumulation year-to-date. On the last line you will see that the net income for February was $16,325. There will be many expenses in the next 2 months that will be attributed to the Annual Business Conference and the first annual ACA World Convention.

Questions about WSO financials can be directed to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

For the Finance Committee (Bill D, Jeffrey F, and Mary Jo L.) some of the things we have discussed overlap with other committees. We are aware of that and endeavor to approach things primarily from the financial/risk management perspective, which is our mission.

We continue to discuss setting up additional cost centers. We hope to start with the European Committee, which is something Jeffrey is working on with that committee. That will require determining an appropriate budget. As part of that discussion, we are exploring options for how funds will be handled most easily.

In advance of presenting any proposal to the Board on this matter, Bill spoke with our Accountant about how to most easily set up these cost centers without making things too complicated. Bill is also working with our office staff on how we might implement Media Mail.

We have begun a discussion about the general fiscal policy that’s included in the OPPM and will be suggesting enhancements to that document.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Jo L.

ACA WSO Treasurer and Board Member

December 2016 Treasurer's Report

The financials will be posted as soon as they are ready.  There have been some delays due to the holidays.  December 2015 Profit and Loss Statement; December 2015 Balance Sheet.

The Net Income for December is -$1,112.  December sales can sometimes be lower than usual, which partly accounts for this negative balance.  Also, we ran out of the Laundry Lists Workbook in mid December so some people may be waiting to order until it is available again, which will be closer to the end of this month. 

The Finance Committee now includes another new member besides Jeffrey F. from Prague and that is Bill D. from Florida.  We will have our first committee meeting soon.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Jo L., Treasurer

Treasurer's Report and Finance Committee for January 2016

Treasurer's Report

The January Net Income was $23,892. In December there was a Net Income of (-$1,112) because we ran out of Laundry Lists Workbooks; orders seemed to be held back waiting for them. The January increase helped offset that loss. For the details, see the Profit and Loss Statement.  The Balance Sheet is shown here

To see a list of all 7th Tradition contributions for January, as well as previous months, click on "Treasurer's Report" in the left column to reveal the Donations tab. If you find an error, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Sometimes contributions are listed as Anonymous when they are actually from a group.

Finance Committee

Members: Bill D., Florida, Jeffrey F., Prague, Mary Jo, Treasurer

We met four times since the last teleconference.  Much of our first two meetings was spent reviewing WSO background and how our financials are set up. Bill and Jeffrey both bring a wealth of business and non-profit experience to WSO and they have been asking great questions. 

Some of the specific topics under discussion: recommendation for hiring a General Manager and working on a job description, Bill doing additional research for shipping methods, suggestion to set up the European Committee as a model for how such non-U.S. outreach efforts operate and are funded, pricing strategy model, selling in Europe through Amazon UK, publishing literature in other countries to save on shipping (Board has been working with Jeffrey on this for a while). 

My personal thanks to both Bill and Jeffrey for their enthusiasm and dedication to service in ACA.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Jo L.

ACA WSO Trustee and Treasurer; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


November 2015 Treasurer's Report

You may notice a slightly different look to the financials because we are now rounding the numbers off to make them easier to read. 

To get to the specifics, the Balance Sheet for last month has changed little. 

The Profit and Loss Statement explains that for the month of November, sales, less cost of goods sold, were about $29,500.  This figure does not include what was collected and paid for shipping. The Distribution Center income after expenses was $13,647. 

Our second cost center, which covers income and expenses not related to the Distribution Center, shows 7th Tradition contributions of $6,025. Specific November's contributions are shown under the Donations tab in the left margin of the Repository.  Audio book sales were $1,039 and eBook sales were $2,795. After expenses, this cost center had a net balance of $4,977. Reflected in this balance is a net credit of $2,360 for the cancellation of hotel arrangements for the Board's Strategic Planning meeting held last week. Less expensive accommodations were found and will be shown in the December financials. Overall, the net income for November was $18,623. 

Regarding the Finance Committee, I welcome Jeffrey from Prague as a member.  We have yet to have a meeting, but that should happen soon.

If anyone has questions, they can contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Jo L.

Treasurer and Board Trustee