WSO Office

The WSO Office maintains the WSO Literature Inventory and processes all Literature orders and ACA meeting updates.

Product Sales Comparison Mar2014_Mar2013

Product Sales Comparison March 2014-March 2013

The Tri Fold literature orders have gone down considerably but the  Workbook and Meditation and Newcomer Pamplets are on the climb upwards.  The Anniversary Medallions are also down from last year.  Overall Sales up a little more than 42%.

June 2013 Office Monthly Report

Signal Hill Distribution Center Monthly Report:  June 2013

Hello all- 

Reports and Sales info/Raw Data includes (attached):  

1) June 2013 and June 2012 combined "Total Sales and Units Per Product" from Go Daddy “Quick Shopping Cart” reports menu, including “Legend” for interpretation of Sales report raw data,

2) Comparisons for “Total Sales/Units per Product” from previous months, June 2012 through April 2013,

Other critical business:

> UPS WorldShip pricing roll-out into Go Daddy Quick Shopping Cart, continued from January 2013 forward-


Misc Items: 

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