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The WSO Office maintains the WSO Literature Inventory and processes all Literature orders and ACA meeting updates.

Distribution Center Operations-August 2014

ACAWSO Distribution Center Operations Report

For the month of August 2014

  • Met with the WSO Treasurer and another Board Member to review site operations.
  • Approval for order of 4,000 Meditation books given. Markup and review of copyright page is pending.
  • Continued discussion with Bang Printing regarding quality issues associated with Hardcover Fellowship Texts, 12-Step Workbooks, and Meditation books. Also, working with Bang Printing to resolve prior billing errors.
  • Returned 15 cases of Newcomer booklets to Seaside printing to review and correct post-printing production problems.
  • Investigating USPS shipping options: Media mail can only be used if we have enough volume that warrants pickup by the post office.

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August 2014 Office Report


Product Sales Comparison 2014/2013

This is a comparison or product Sales only From Jan  thru July 2014 compared to Jan thru July 2013.

Yearly Sales Dollar Amounts

Yearly Sales Comparison

This is the Sales in Dollar amounts.  Please note that this dollar amount includes shipping, taxes, miscellaneous charges and donations.  That is the variance between the two reports (Monthly and this yearly report)