Website Committee

The website committee is responsible for maintaining all aspects of the web site, including the Repository and Shopping Cart.

Check here for the latest Website Committee committee reports to the WSO Board.

Web Site Report July 2015

WSO Web Site Report:

July 2015 Activity Highlights/Concerns, as compared to March 2015 (Google Analysis)

  • Good news: Number of visitors to the site is increasing
    • Overall inquirers (site visitors): 37, 907 inquirers visiting the site, up 24%
    • Number of new inquirers: 33,817, up 11%
    • Inquirers using mobiles devices: 23,798, up 31%

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Web Site Report June 2015

WSO Web Site Status Report, June 2015

Confirmed a variety of user reported problems in meeting list search functions, both on Find-A-Meeting search function and Map Search function; sent specifics to Alexey (Centauria) for review and correction. Meeting List Drop down function appears to be an alternate alternative.

Discussed Meeting Update problems Gloria was experiencing with the new web site. Alexey agreed to contact Gloria to resolve issues. Gloria has since advised that the problems were resolved.

Received multiple reports of apparent interface problems between XCart and PayPal where refunds are not processing properly. MaryJo and Alexey continue to review and try to resolve these problems.

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Web Report for October 2013 Teleconference

ACA WSO Web/database Report for the October 2013 Teleconference.

The number of registered meetings has grown to 1222 meetings as of October 4. I am now receiving meeting list update error reports, and am working with David and Gloria to resolve various data related issues as they arise (new cities with ACA meetings, new countries, typos, etc.).

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Web Report for January 2014 Teleconference

Web Report for January Teleconference:

Progress continues in developing a contract for a new web site.  As the retiring Webmaster, I see my primary function as assisting the board in maintaining the functions of current web site until replaced by the new web site.  As such, this report focuses on the actions toward the current web site.

With the close of the Proposal Gatherings for the upcoming ABC, I’ve extracted the Proposals received (a total of 23 Proposals).  I’ve provided a draft Proposal Information document to the board for their review and update, to include a WSO Analysis as information to support the fellowship in determining their votes for the respective proposals.  I’ve also assisted the ABC Committee in updating the ABC web page to reflect the current status.  This month I will also be constructing the online Ballot to receive the fellowship ballots (in the same manner as done last year); this will become available when the Proposal Information document is completed and approved.

I’m currently working with the office staff and Treasurer to resolve a negative inventory issue on one item removed from the Shopping Cart.  I'll be providing a detailed report on this issue to the board later this week.

I continue to work with various board and committee members regarding issues with the web site and Repository.


Webmaster Report for August Teleconference

ACA WSO Web/database Report for the August 2013 Teleconference.

The number of registered meetings remains at 1201 meetings at the end of July. However, meeting updates included 25 new meetings being registered in July, plus another 84 meeting updates being processed.  Once again, Gloria has been busy processing all these entries.  Gloria is taking some leave this month (August), so further updates are pending her return later this month.

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