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The purpose of Member and Public Services (MPS) in ACA is to support ACA Members in becoming responsible for their own well-being through ACA-related materials, and to provide information for the Public and professionals by providing ACA-related resources and services.

Check here for the latest MPS Committee (and earlier Outreach Committee) reports to the WSO Board.

Member Public Service Committee Report - March 2017

Hello Fellow ACAs

The Member and Public Services Committee is about to wrap up a very good year at the upcoming ABC and AWC. We hope you will consider getting involved in one of our subcommittees as we begin another exciting year of growth in our worldwide fellowship.

This past year we fulfilled our basic goals despite being shorthanded in the H&I subcommittee. Some the things we completed were:

Arranged for an information and literature sales table at the 2016 Florida AA state convention.

Arranged for a ½ hour radio show to interview two ACA members to be aired in the Southern California market. It will be broadcast April 10th at 7pm on station KSBR 88.5 or listen online at

Set up a collaborative work platform (Slack) for members and trusted servants to better work on broadening the ACA Program as well as allowing the board to conduct business of the organization.

Participated in WSO November Strategic Planning session and established more goals and objectives to continue to spread the ACA message to the membership and to the public.

Established and solicited volunteers to staff the new Member Outreach Subcommittee to start facilitating and enhancing the communication of ACA WSO news and events to the broader membership.

Sent out several html e-blasts about the AWC World Convention since the MPS Outreach Committee's recent formation.

Programmed an email blast footer that will allow people to click on it to automatically be signed up to receive future newsletters.

Collaborated with the Website and Database Committee to create a "Newsletter Sign Up" button for the website to allow members to get on an email list by clicking on the button and filling out their information.

Oversaw the activity in the H & I, Intergroup and Delegate Training subcommittees.

Started the Delegate Training Subcommittee to better prepare delegates for service at the ABC and in their groups.

Worked on forming a Regional Service Committee in Florida working with 3 different intergroups.

We hope you are coming to the 2017 ABC & AWC in San Diego on April 20-23 and will decide to get involved with the WSO committee of your choice.

Member Public Service Committee Report - December 2016

In the month of December there has been much interest in the H & I sub-committee area as well as in the public information area of getting information to therapist. We have received emails from around the country asking about this process.

Delegate Training Subcommittee (Laura): Laura began by thanking Larry and Jim for getting the Delegate Information page posted on the website. She noted there had already been an inquiry from a woman in NJ that is interested in being a delegate for 2018. Her specialty is working with the ex-patriot population. Laura also reported that she visited with the San Diego Host Committee and shared information about what a delegate is and what the subcommittee was looking to accomplish with the upcoming workshop before and at the ABC. Laura closed by noting that full report was posted on the repository and any questions, comments or concerns can be sent to

Intergroup Liaison-Bonnie: Bonnie reported that the full report had not been posted on the repository, but would be shortly. In terms of activity, there had been minimal email traffic at for the month of November. Bonnie did note that there had been increasing activity on the SLACK intergroup forum. She added that another invitation would be sent out to encourage intergroups to participate. Additionally, the committee will also be working on verifying intergroup contacts which would likely be an ongoing project. Bonnie ended her report by notifying that one new intergroup registered for November.

Hospitals & Institutions –Bill: Bill began the report by mentioning that the H & I Subcommittee was still without a chair and if anyone was interested in chairing the subcommittee, to please contact him. Bill further reported that there were two people in Region 2 in California (San Diego and Orange County.) that have expressed interest in doing H & I work and, as such, they were referred to Region 2 Service Structure (Carol & Laura). An H & I plan for Region 2 will be worked on. This will be the first Regional Committee Structure. Additionally, in Denmark there will be a new H & I Chair. Bill informed that a new H & I Committee is being formed in South Florida with the new intergroup that is starting. An H & I shipment of 10 BRB and 4 Yellow Workbooks was sent to a meeting in Pembroke Pines (woman’s shelter). Please contact with any questions or concerns.

Anyone wishing to provide service the MPS Committee/sub committees, please email: or contact Bill D. on SLACK. Bill D. then turned asked the sub-committees members to report.

Member Public Service Committee Report - September 2016

Member Public Service Committee Report September 2016

Member Public Service Committee Report - November 2016

Delegate Training Subcommittee (Laura): Laura began her report by stating that there was no meeting held in October. She then reported that there would be follow-up with regard to providing information for the Delegates’ Corner of the ComLine, as well as, following up on the Delegate’s Training PDF. Laura stated there has been a request made for a page on the ACA website so that delegates can go to one spot and download the OPPM, the Delegate PDF, The Concepts, The Commitment to Service and possibly the video on Robert’s Rules of Order and whatever else may apply. Please forward any questions, comments or concerns to (

Intergroup Liaison Subcommittee (Bonnie): Bonnie reported that email traffic at for the month of October was minimal, there were only about 15 messages requiring about 3 responses. There was a lot of internet solicitations which were forwarded to the web servant. Bonnie reported that the committee is actively promoting the SLACK Intergroup Forum as a venue for sharing organizational idea and experience. Use of the forum has picked up and groups have been posting about structure, bylaws, procedures, and so on. Currently there are 66 intergroups registered but only 22 are enrolled in the literature discount program. Full report is on the repository.

Hospitals & Institutions (Bill): Bill began the report by mentioning that the H & I Subcommittee is still without a chair and if anyone is interested to please contact him. Bill then reported that for the month of October, the H & I Committee sent out 36 packages of information to 36 correctional facilities in the southern half of Florida and plan to send to the northern area of the state next month. Additionally, the H&I Committee is aware of a meeting being conducted at a women’s recovery center in Pembroke Pines, FL on Sunday’s at 7pm, sponsored by the My Life is Changing Group, Ft. Lauderdale. Anyone wishing to provide service to the MPS Committee/sub committees, please email: or contact Bill on SLACK.

Member Public Service Committee Report - August 2016

Member Public Service Committee Report August 2016


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    The Hospital and Institutions (H&I) sub-committee is responsible to the WSO for liaison with these institutions, including the potential development of ACA meetings with the institutions and ensuring materials are available to the institutions upon request in support of such meetings.

     Check here for the latest Hospital and Institutions Committee committee reports to the WSO Board.

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    Regional Service Committees are part of the Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families service structure that support the membership. This ACA service structure includes meetings, Intergroups, Regions, and the World Service Organization (WSO). Information on Regions can be found in the Big Red Book, pages 604-605. Regions consist of members of Intergroups and meetings in a specific geographic areas. 

    In April 2017, the WSO Board and the Annual Business Conference (ABC) reaffirmed WSO’s “historical commitment to the formation of regional service entities as important channels for improving service to the fellowship, and for increasing connections between groups, Intergroups, and the WSO.” To register a new Region, or to find existing Regions, click on the buttons on this page. Newly forming Regions can consult the Meeting Directory and Intergroups pages to learn about the fellowship in their area. They can also connect with other Regions by contacting the Membership and Public Service Committee: 

    Important Note: The WSO Board and the ABC in 2017 enacted an interim policy guiding Region formation and is updating WSO’s Regions policy and map to reflect the current global fellowship. Newly emerging Regions should consult the Interim Regions Policy and Interim Regions Map.


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