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The purpose of Member and Public Services (MPS) in ACA is to support ACA Members in becoming responsible for their own well-being through ACA-related materials, and to provide information for the Public and professionals by providing ACA-related resources and services.

Check here for the latest MPS Committee (and earlier Outreach Committee) reports to the WSO Board.

April 2013 Outreach Report

April 2013 Outreach Report


I hit the ground running with the combination of becoming the Interim Outreach Chairperson position where I answered and forwarded informational emailed requests in addition to the new Vonage phone messaging system. Now officially as Chairperson, I check the GoDaddy Inbox and the Vonage site several times a day calling back and emailing replies on the same day they come in. I am cooperating with the Signal Hill office with a system where I leave office messages in the queue and remove all the others as I take care of them. 

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Feb Outreach 2013 Report

Outreach report March 2013

The following is from an email to outreach.  I can’t resist sharing it word for word.

I LOVE ACA! It is changing lives EVERY day! 
I started going to ACoA in 1988. And I'm more involved than ever!

I see so many lives change because of this program. Such a blessing!   From Ron

I needed help to look at the internet meetings to see if they are OK or perhaps not ok for our fellowship.  Vonnie says that she found some that may not be in our best interests.  She also reported a few days ago, that she’d been able to contact all but two. 

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Outreach Report; October 2012

Outreach Report for October 2012

I’ve been getting some requests regarding people wanting to attend our Denmark ACA.  That is encouraging.  Dear Danish ABC, you may need a lot of space

On occasion, I’ve also been getting requests from students wanting to know more about our 12 step program for a report that they are making either in high school or college.  I refer them to our web site and suggest they consider purchasing our text book.

This month we had 237 inquiries and 51 of those were for meetings and or how to set up a new meeting.  Both Vonnie and Karen have been responding to those with courtesy and candor.  Thanks to both of them. 

I’m beginning to get some ‘spam’ since we’ve gone back to the info email site, but not too many.  I can tell if they came in on that email address and most are easily deleted.  I also get people wanting us to align with them to ‘advertise’ on their web sites to ‘get’ more people.  I delete them. Some people want me to link with them on Linkin and others are advertising something or other.  Those people may get a response that we don’t align with any outside organization.

Phyllis R.

Outreach Chair

Outreach Report; January 2013

Outreach Report for Dec and Jan     FEB 2013

Today, I’ve bundled my last two months reports together for Outreach.

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Outreach Report; September 2012

Outreach Report for September 2012

First of all, I’d like to welcome Vonnie as a member of this committee.  She is a professional who answers questions on email.  Today, she wrote to me that the templates we’ve been using are called a ‘clip tray’ so that individual answers that are the same can be copied and then altered when necessary.  She seems very excited to be a part of our team and I’m glad that Karen suggested the two can alternate.  There is also one other person Dan S. who is between houses and will join Karen, Vonnie and myself when he is settled. 

The total amount of emails that I received numbered 234 with 47 of them being sent to Karen for help in finding a meeting and or starting a meeting.  Some of the other emails were corrections for meetings, one was a correction for Scott to change in the Shopping Cart and others were sent on to Larry and Joan. 

I’ve asked DiAnne to see if sending some of the brochures directly to people would interfere with our income.  The ones I asked about are ACA Literature, Sponsorship, Suggested Banking and Financial Procedures and Meeting issues.  She responded that it would be better for me to refer people to the Shopping Cart so that they can purchase them on their own.  Thanks DiAnne, good suggestion.

Phyllis R.

Outreach Chair



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