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The purpose of Member and Public Services (MPS) in ACA is to support ACA Members in becoming responsible for their own well-being through ACA-related materials, and to provide information for the Public and professionals by providing ACA-related resources and services.

Check here for the latest MPS Committee (and earlier Outreach Committee) reports to the WSO Board.

Outreach Report for August 2012

Outreach Report for August 2012

The total amount of outreach emails is about 205 with 58 of them going to Karen to find meetings for them.  I say about, because while we were on vacation I answered some email, but was not very accurate in keeping track of the amount.  I have been sending a few of the emails to Anja who is working to contact people in Europe and beyond.  I heard from one meeting in Russia who needed some help.  I looked up meetings in Russia on the web and was surprised to find so many of them.

We have had a request for permission to use our ACA 12 steps in a book.  I also learned that ACA followed by DF probably means Dysfunctional Family because it was so listed on a meeting.  It is interesting to be able to figure out some of the initials that pop up now and then.  I also have gotten email from a small town in Russia and another small town in India who want to register meetings.  I love when that happens.

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    The Hospital and Institutions (H&I) sub-committee is responsible to the WSO for liaison with these institutions, including the potential development of ACA meetings with the institutions and ensuring materials are available to the institutions upon request in support of such meetings.

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