H-and-I Committee

The Hospital and Institutions (H&I) sub-committee is responsible to the WSO for liaison with these institutions, including the potential development of ACA meetings with the institutions and ensuring materials are available to the institutions upon request in support of such meetings.

 Check here for the latest Hospital and Institutions Committee committee reports to the WSO Board.

Hospitals & Institutions Monthly Report - December 2016

The H & I Subcommittee was still without a chair and if anyone is interested in chairing the subcommittee, please contact Bill D. MPS Chair at mpschair@adultchildren.org.

There were two people in Region 2 in California (San Diego and Orange County.) that have expressed interest in doing H & I work and, as such, they were referred to the Region 2 trusted servants (Carol & Laura). An H & I plan for Region 2 will be worked on. This will be the first Regional H&I Committee Structure. Additionally, in Denmark there will be a new H & I Chair.

A new H & I Committee is being formed in South Florida with the new intergroup that is starting. An H & I shipment of 10 BRB and 4 Yellow Workbooks was sent to a meeting in Pembroke Pines (woman’s shelter). Please contact mpschair@adultchildren.org with any questions or concerns.

Hospitals & Institutions Monthly Report - November 2016

There is something about sharing our recovery with those who cannot get out to an ACA meeting that makes life a little more special. Having been invited to share at prisons, rehabs, and crisis centers I can say without a doubt I always leave after sharing a lot more grateful than I did when I went in the door.

The H&I activity has picked up again this month with Region 2 in the beginning stages of forming an H&I Committee. Two people in California connected as the result of the ongoing Region 2 development.  A member in San Diego and a member in Orange County have connected and are beginning to discuss building an H&I committee.

We got word that the Denmark Intergroup had a new H&I person who will be heading up the effort to reach the Adult Child who still suffers and cannot get out of institutions to attend a meeting. We look forward to hearing more about this committee’s work in the future.

In South Florida a new Intergroup is forming and has an H&I Committee defined in its foundational documents. The Intergroup already has one H&I meeting in existence in Pembroke Pines and the SOBE Wednesday Night Group on Miami Beach is inquiring about purchasing books for local prisons in their area. An order for an H& I shipment of 10 Big Red Books and 4 Yellow Workbooks was placed to send much needed books to the Pembroke Pines meeting.

If there is any H&I activity going on in your community, please let us know so we can acknowledge and support your efforts. We are also looking for an ACA member to volunteer for service who could help coordinate this effort. If you would like to learn more about H&I service, please email me at mpschair@adultchildren.org.

Hospitals & Institutions Monthly Report - September 2016

This month the H & I Committee continued to send out the ACA recovery message by utilizing one of the tools mentioned in the WSO H&I Guidelines. The committee sent out almost two dozen letters to recovery centers and hospitals in the South Florida area. We can help you send out letters in your community if you contact us at the email address at the end of this report.

The primary purpose of taking H&I meetings into the institutions is to carry the ACA message to those who are otherwise unable to leave the facility to attend ACA meetings.

Bringing the ACA message to hospitals and institutions requires that we carry a clear ACA message on the ACA steps, meeting attendance, sponsorship, and emotional sobriety. We provide ACA literature to meeting attendees and H&I staff and make meeting information available and accessible.

The following qualities are shared by all ACA H&I Meetings:
• The meeting is not an ACA group, but a service provided by an area's H&I subcommittee of a Region, Intergroup, or where there are no Regions and Intergroups, a Group's H&I committee.
• The H&I meeting takes place in facilities where adult children do not have access to other ACA meetings.
• Due to the institution's rules, the meeting must be closed to outside participation by ACA members other than the ACA meeting leaders or chairpersons.

It is a great way to start an ACA meeting in your community if one doesn't exist. The facility provides the meeting space and most of the attendees, and you can bring your experience, strength, and hope and the ACA literature!

Below is a link to a pdf on the WSO website that explains everything about H&I and the importance of doing this service work. There are sample letters beginning on page 5 of the 10-page pdf that will help you make the initial contact. Please let us know if you are doing H&I work so we can highlight it in the future editions of the ComLine. You can contact us at mpschair@adultchildren.org.


Hospitals & Institutions Monthly Report - October 2016

The H&I Committee is continuing to send out information about ACA to hospitals and institutions. Since our last report, the H&I Committee has sent out information packets to 36 correctional facilities in the Southern half of Florida. We are planning to send to the Northern area of the state next month. Please let us know if you would like help sending information to facilities in your state by contacting us at mpschair@adultchildren.org.

The H&I Committee would like to report that an H&I ACA Meeting is being conducted at the Susan B Anthony Women's Recovery Center in Pembroke Pines, FL. The "My Life is Changing" ACA Group of Ft Lauderdale is sponsoring the meeting. The meeting is held every Sunday night at 7pm and is not open to the public.

The goals of the center are the removal of barriers for women entering addiction treatment, the prevention of foster care placement for their children, and an end to the cycle of addiction and abuse for families.

Since the center began in 1995, Susan B. Anthony Recovery Center has helped to reunify over 850 families and has provided the intensive services necessary to stop the cycle of family dysfunction and substance addiction for over 1500 children.

There are many women and children in shelters and centers like this all across the country. We can help them by taking a meeting to their facility. All it takes is one willing person and a Big Red Book and some ACA information. These people have no other way of finding us.

We can use help on the H&I Committee. If you want to help carry the message of ACA to women and men in institutions and facilities, please contact us at mpschair@adultchildren.org.

Hospitals & Institutions Monthly Report - August 2016

Are you an alumni of a treatment facility, hospital, other institution or would just like to help get the message of ACA recovery into a hospital or institution? Then we have a service job for you!

Membership on the H&I Subcommittee is currently open. We are looking for people to help with this committee who have a desire to help carry the ACA message into hospitals and institutions. If you would like to volunteer to help out please contact us.

You can send an email to   mpschair@adultchildren.org to let us know if you are interested in this service opportunity.

Here is a sample letter that can be sent to hospitals and institutions in your community:


Dana Doe
Name of Facility
City, State or Province
Postal Code

Dear Ms. [Mr.] Doe:

This letter is to introduce you to the Adult Children of Alcoholics®/Dysfunctional Families
(ACA) fellowship. ACA is an anonymous Twelve Step, Twelve Tradition program of women
and men who grew up in alcoholic or otherwise dysfunctional homes. Through our
attendance at meetings and reading our literature, we discover how our childhood affected
us in the past and influences us in the present. We take positive action by practicing the
Twelve Steps, focusing on the Solution, and accepting a loving Higher Power of our own
understanding. We find freedom from the past and a way to improve our lives today.

We have a common purpose: to help the adult child who still suffers to lead a healthy
productive life. Some who seek recovery from growing up in an alcoholic household are
not able to attend meetings when they want to. They have limited contact with the shared
experience that our fellowship offers through its meetings.

Our Hospitals and Institutions (H&I) subcommittee can bring presentations of ACA
recovery to interested residents in your facility. We offer our Fellowship Text, Twelve Step
Workbook, and other literature, if you approve. You may also order this same literature
online at www.adultchildren.org.

To connect with an ACA member from a local ACA Intergroup [group] to discuss a time to explain
what we have to offer, please contact ____________________________.


ACA (group or Intergroup) H&I contact