Working Sessions

The WSO Board meeting about once a week to discuss emergent issues.  Minutes of these meetings can be found here.

7th Tradition Contributions

“The fund flow model of ACA is based on a 60/40 disbursement. After the group meets its monthly expenses and sets aside money for a prudent reserve, 60 percent of what is left over is usually sent to the local Intergroup and 40 percent is sent to WSO. A prudent reserve usually is the amount that equals two month’s worth of meeting expenses. The meeting expenses would include rent, utilities, and other group expenses.” ACA Fellowship Text, pg. 609

Thank you to all meetings and individuals who are able to send 7th Tradition contributions to enable World Service to continue its mission of spreading the ACA message to those who still suffer.

Contributions by individuals to ACA WSO are tax deductible.

The list below shows all 7th Tradition Contributions received for last month. To view the Financial Statements for last month, please click on Treasurer’s Report on the menu to the left.

If there are any errors in the following list, please send corrections to

March 2017

Anonymous, Costa Mesa, CA                  71
Anonymous, Ontario, Canada                    4
Anonymous, Aurora, CO                  20
Anonymous, Des Moines, IA                200
Anonymous, Hyattsville, MD                  10
Anonymous, Dearborn MI                  25
Anonymous, Burnsville, MN                  50
Anonymous, Roseville, MN                    1
Anonymous, No Location                  10
Anonymous, No Location                  20
Anonymous, No Location                    4
Anonymous, Philadelphia, PA                  10
Anonymous, Springfield, VA                  10
AL025, Huntsville, AL                  50
AR0006, Rogers, AR                  30
AR005, Fayetteville, AR                  60
CA719, Thousand Oaks, CA                100
CA865, Thousand Oaks, CA                100
CA898, La Jolla, CA                355
CA1093, Hollywood, CA                100
CA1145, Cotati, CA                  50
CA1162, San Clemente, CA                  20
CA1175, Laguna Beach, CA                  90
CA1180, Agoura Hills, CA                100
CO015, Broomfield, CO                200
CO033, Conifer, CO                148
CT057, Mystic, CT                  50
CT100, Middletown, CT                  16
DC008, Washington, DC                216
DE005,Yorklin, PA                  40
FL0240, Pinellas Park, FL                  10
FL0252, St Petersburg, FL                  10
FL127, Hollywood, FL                  72
FL158, Ft Lauderdale, FL                200
FL176, Delray Beach, FL                  45
FL209,Sebastian, FL                  40
FL212, Hollywood, FL                200
IG569, Sweden                134
IG604, St Lous, MO                  72
IL005, La Grange, IL                731
IL172, Deerfield, IL                  20
IL204, Chicago, IL                  34
IL206, Chicago, IL                182
IL208, Orland Park, IL                  25
IL210, Libertyville, IL                100
IL229, Chicago, IL                193
IRE022, Midleton, Ireland  40.00 EUR x 1.0213 rate                  41
MA050, Natick, MA                200
MN045, Minneapolis, MN                500
MN103, Minneapolis, MN                  20
MN117, Mound, MN                  50
MN135, Hastings, MN                  14
MO008, Kansas City, MO                100
NC012, Asheville, NC                240
NJ141, Little Silver, NJ                  50
NJ142,Pennington, NJ                  49
NM045, Albuquerque, NM                  30
NM020, Gila, NM                100
NOR0026, Sandefjord, Norway  110.00 EUR x 1.0213 rate                112
NV041, Henderson, NV                208
NV056, Las Vegas, NV                113
NY0141, North Bergen, NY                  60
NY0144, Huntington, NY                  80
NY075, New York, NY                  38
NY084, New York, NY                  30
NY119, Philmont, NY                  50
NY126, Bay Shore, NY                  40
OR095, Portland, OR                  20
TEL033, Virginia Beach, VA                    7
TN026, Nashville, TN                290
TN075, Nashville, TN                104
TX139, Austin, NY                  80
TX144, Austin, TX                  24
TX148, Houston, TX                  57
UT032,Bountiful, UT                  13
WA144, Bothell, WA                  66
WA169, Seattle, WA                  40
WI061, Oshkosh, WI                  54
TOTAL $         7,107

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Call for ACA Annual Business Conference 2015 Proposals‏

Note:  The submission form for the 2015 ABC Proposals has been created outside of our website this year because we hope to be moving to our new website in the middle of the proposal process and don't want to risk losing any data.

Please share this information with your meeting:

September 2014

Dear ACA Group,

Each year the ACA World Service Organization holds our Annual Business Conference (ABC) the last weekend of April.  As part of this process, Meetings and Intergroups around the world are asked if they would like to submit proposals for consideration.  If your group has a proposal that you would like the Fellowship to consider, the process is as follows:

1.    Please go to to submit proposals.

2.    Fill in the form per the instructions indicated. 

3.    All proposals are due by November 15, 2014This is a much earlier deadline than in recent years, which is why your group is receiving this email now.  The reason for the earlier date is to allow enough time for proposals to be translated. 

4.    After all proposals are reviewed, clarified, a WSO Analysis is written, and the translations are completed, they will be sent to all groups in January for voting.

5.    Proposals that receive a 2/3 majority affirmative vote will then be placed on the agenda in April for the ABC attendees to consider. 

The 2015 Annual Business Conference (ABC) will be held April 24-26, 2015.  The location has not yet been determined.  That information will be posted on the ACA website as soon as it is known.

If you have any questions about this process, please send a reply to this email.  

Yours in Service,

The 2015 ABC Committee

ABC 2014 Information

Agenda, Ride information, Hotels, Meeting Venue information shown below.

Adult Children of Alcoholics
World Service Organization

2014 Annual Business Conference (ABC)


On Line Forms

ABC Registration Form

Paper Forms to print and mail

ABC Proposals Ballot
for meetings/Intergroups
(paper version coming soon)

ABC Registration Form

2014 ABC Deerfield, IL.

The ABC provides an open forum for communication and service coordination within ACA in order to improve the consistency of service to the Fellowship. It is open to all ACA members, meetings, Intergroups and related service organizations.  Click here to download a copy of the proposals. Ballots are now closed effective APRIL 6, 2014. Five items received a two-thirds majority vote and will thus be included for discussion and voting at the ABC. Ballot items that are approved will then be part of what guides and prioritizes the work of the WSO Board and related committees for the coming year and beyond. See Proposal Details to review the ballot results, including comments related to the proposals.

LOCATION: The 2014 ABC will be held April 25-27, 2014 at Trinity University, 2065 Half Day Road, Deerfield, IL 60015. This site is just East of Tri-State Tollway 294 at the Half Day Road exit.  Trinity Univ. website map:

Parking for conference: There are 59 regular spaces and 2 handicapped spaces immediately to the EAST of our mtg room [Rodine 124].
Additional parking is available around the circle of "The Mansion" - Development Office. Click here for map to conference area.

The following are the recommended hotels for the 2014 ABC. For both hotels, please mention that you are with the Annual Business Conference for Adult Children of Alcoholics group in order to receive the reduced rate: 

RIDES:  If you need a ride from the airport to the hotel, please contact the ABC committee at with complete arrival and departure information so they can schedule your pickup.  This is a free service.

LaQuinta Inn, 2000 Lakeside Dr., Bannockburn, IL 60015. Just East of Tri-State Tollway 294 at the Half Day Road exit.
Phone: 1-847-317-7300; Fax: 1-847-317-3350.  Although we recommend calling for reservations, the following is their website: The room charge is $62 plus tax, Friday and Saturday, but it's $78 + tax the other nights. Continental breakfast is included.  Deadline for reserving a room is April 13.

Homewood Suites, 10 Westminster Way, Lincolnshire, IL 60069. Just West of Tri-State Tollway 294 at the Half Day Road exit.
Phone: 1-847-945-9300; Fax: 1-847-945-0013. Although we recommend calling for reservations, the following is their website: The room charge is $109 plus tax. Continental breakfast is included.

We encourage every meeting and Intergroup to send at least one person to this year’s ABC. Although only one person may be the official voting delegate, all attendees will participate in the dialog. Anyone planning to attend should submit a Registration Form, and the registration deadline is April 12, 2014. For further questions about the ABC and/or local facilities, please contact the ABC Committee at 


ACA WSO Annual Business Conference Agenda

Read more: ABC 2014 Information

February 2014 ABC Report

2014 ABC Committee Report: February 2014

Two members of the West Great Lakes Intergroup ABC Committee met with Joan, the Board liaison, via a teleconference call on February 3rd.
Discussion topics were of food plans, needing numbers of people attending, the ballot submissions timeline, who pays for decorations, fun activities, and mailings.
Gloria, an office employee for the board, is handling gathering of ballots responses when they come in and she also sent the ballots out to the fellowship point of contacts.
Copies of materials needed for packets, etc., may be made in California and shipped to Chicago, as this is a more feasible option.
Final decisions and information will be gathered in March, and posted as soon as feasible on the website, so delegates and members can have all the information and the finalized plans available that they will need to participate in the ABC.
Members attending are encouraged to register for the ABC by April 12th so the probable number in attendance can be gained.
All members should register online using the registration form on the 2014 ABC link, even if they are not a delegate. Delegates attending too should register so enough delegate packets are compiled.

Respectfully submitted by Joan B, 2014 ABC Board Liaison.

Strategic Planning Meeting Minutes January 23-26, 2014



January 23-26, 2014

Homewood Suites Inn, Atlanta, GA

Opening:This ACA WSO Board of Trustees held its first Strategic Planning Meeting at the Homewood Suites in Atlanta, Georgia on the 23-26th of January 2014.

Board members present: : Larry A., Joan B., Mary Jo L., Karen R., Allen C., Vonnie G., Majbrit M., Ines Z.

A. Approval of Minutes:Note: This was the first face-to-face, focused strategic planning meeting attempted by this Board and by this Board Secretary. The atmosphere was very casual without an official chair, however Mary Jo, our Board's treasurer was our group leader for all of our session, stepping in for Leanne, Board Trustee, who planned but was not able to attend. Notes were taken, but I failed in some of the details. For instance we did make some motions that passed unanimously, but I failed to note the maker of the motions, and I'm not entirely clear on which item was discussed on which day. Never-the-less, my report remains:

B. Day One (Thursday evening):

1) To reacquaint and ground into purpose (casual talk over dinner about the upcoming meetings and plans

2) ACA meeting in Mary Jo's room

C.   Day 2(Friday 8:30 am-5:50 p.m.) and Day 3 (8:30-5:30 p.m.) Items Discussed

1) Ground Rules for Strategic Planning Success

2) Goals and Expectations for Strategic Planning

3) Parking Lot Items (Oh, by the way, let's not forget....)

4) ACA Mission Statement congruity

5) Ways for Board to communicate but with less emails (i.e. Survey Monkey, BaseCamp)

6) OPPM review and revision 

Read more: Strategic Planning Meeting Minutes January 23-26, 2014