About the forum:

 At the December 2010 WSO Board meeting, the board approved retaining the forum on an interim basis as an information board for WSO Board, committee members and other ACA members. Regular members and visitors are no longer be able to post to the forum.

The WSO Board and authorized committee members are now posting their reports in the Repository, while some archive information temporarily remains on the forum. All members can check the Repository periodically to see the latest reports and other documents from the WSO.

During the above WSO Board meeting, board members felt attending face-to-face ACA meetings to be superior to posting ESH on the forum. Members of the old ACA Community Forum are thus encouraged to consider attending a face-to-face ACA meeting instead. Where there is no face-to-face meeting in your area, members are encouraged to consider starting a new meeting. The ACA WSO web site Literature Page contains all the information needed to start a meeting. Additional material is also included in the ACA Fellowship Text (the "Big Red Book"), which you can order from the same web site. The WSO also has a New Meeting Packet useful in starting a new meeting, which you can order thru the web site. Finally, you can contact the WSO at http://www.adultchildren.org/contact/ for further help as needed to get a new meeting up and running.