European Committee

The WSO is a world wide organization. 
The ACA European Committee provides a monthly report on what's happening in Europe.

Report for January 2014

European report for Jan. 2014

Thank you for an interesting work week in Atlanta. I’ve started on some of the projects. 

Getting Old-timers in Denmark to tell their ACA story. Would like to know what format you want it recorded in.

Getting in contact with the Danish African missionaries to spread the massage.

The question of an European office in Copenhagen is tabled do to absents of interest at this point.

I’ve been in contact with a guy that wants to do H&I in the danish prisons, he has been in the program for twenty years. We’ll wait for the Letter that Mary Jo has worked on. And have that translated.

Jimmy G, that worked on the BRB in danish has agreed to step up and help with further translations of the meditation book.

I’ve been in contact with Sweden, Slovakia, Czech, Belgium and Polan this month doing Out reach.

Also I’m looking into the possibility to invite a member from Finland and the UK to join me at the European Committee to help me to uncover what needs to be done, and how we can support the rest of Europa.

Martin C from the UK mentions that there will be a event in Letvia in the fall possibly in September at this point in time I do not have any confirmation on this. However should it be I’ve said that I will attend as a representative for the board, and I will be bringing a motion on that later on to get consensus on just that.

This concludes my report

Majbrit M

European Chair ACA

december 2013 European report

December 2013 European Rapport


The last two weeks of December has been very silent which this report is about.


Other than a few mails from out reach there hasn’t been mush to do. I’ve been in contact with Sweden, England, and a dane in Africa.


In Denmark we are meeting face to face in Copenhagen to discussing the ground work for a proposal of having and ACA office in Copenhagen. Among other things. And I’ll bring what I listened to at the staff meeting the 7th of jan. 


I hope to get a lot of inspiration on the face to face meeting on the 22nd of jan in Atlanta.

this is my report for December.

Majbrit M

november raport

Report for teleconference the 14th of December

This month there has been a lot of traffic to and from the Danish Intergroup concerning the translation of the Big Red Book. We will attempt to collect the corrections for the big red book and discuss our way to the words that best describe the concepts and the terminology we use in the program. It’s the final stage, and adjustments in the text for the next print of the book.
As we speak, we will make suggestions on the website of the collected fixes that might be, so they can be treated in our proof-selection committee. This, however, introduced at the February Intergroup meeting.

People are still working to per pose a motion to get the European Office to Denmark.

In England people are wondering if it would be possible to have access to a list of possible sponsors, preferably in the UK but also in the States.

Other than that I’ve been in contact with people from Hungary, concerning meetings, and here I can say that in order for people to find meetings, it is necessary to Hungary update their information on the WSO website. Other wise it is impossible to help find a meeting.

This concludes my report for this month.
European Chair ACA Majbrit M