European Committee

The WSO is a world wide organization. 
The ACA European Committee provides a monthly report on what's happening in Europe.

European report for July 2013

European report

Hi All

I have sent letters off to try to establish contacts with different countries. I'm still waiting for a response from most countries.

I am told that in several countries trying to establish an inter-group, here during the autumn. I have sent out letters on activities in the respective countries (Finland – Uk)

In Denmark we have our next intergroup meeting on 25 August, Here there will be a proposal to work on getting the European headquarters in Copenhagen. I know from Larry that somebody in Holland is working towards the same goal. So I follow the development.

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Europe Connection, November

Hi All,
My report on Europe, is that we have good contact information for members and groups all over Europe now, but right now I spend my time planning ABC. So when I have the energy again, I will focus on Europe.


September European Report

European Report
September 2012

We are holding an ABC Committee meeting tomorrow (Oct 14) where we will decide the site in Denmark for the ABC 2013.

Besides he ABC, I received emails from Cologne a few times and it seems to go well there; she asked about the rules for translating literature. Is there something I can send her so she can pass it on to their intergroup or should I say she should contact the Literature Committee?

We have, in the ACA Denmark found more facebook pages and all pages  breaks the traditions somehow. I have not put it on the agenda, but I think it´s something we need to look at soon, because the messages that those pages reflect are certainly not what ACA stands for.

hat you say?
Take care every one