European Committee

The WSO is a world wide organization. 
The ACA European Committee provides a monthly report on what's happening in Europe.

European Report october

Here is my report for October

This month I have been in contact with Italy, they ask for opportunities to get an office, which can be sent literature on into Europe. I have spoken with our international group with meeting this month in Aalborg, about the possibility of a store here in Denmark that will be set up a committee that will actively work for an office in Copenhagen.  There have been some questions about the shipping fees from the U.S., this makes me think of the need for an office in Europe. I will be working with the committee that’ll work for an ACA office in Copenhagen

In Denmark we celebrated 25 years with ACA on October 18th, there is currently talk about whether we should make a happening to mark the day.

I have this month been in contact with Germany, here are working actively to set up an Inter Group, I have sent litterateur on how this can be done.

I have emailed with Martin regarding a Spanish international group which would like to have a Starter Kit. They have received help from Outreach, Martin and me

In Latvia they plan a convention for Europe starting in late September 2014 a meeting where it is supposed that the European countries will meet and talk about cooperation across borders, how do we use each other's experiences ect.

I have sent translation out that a letter of hospitals and institutions, mostly because I cannot remember if I've already done it.

That concludes my report

In serenity

Majbrit  M

European report September 2013

The European report for September

Holland has got their own inter group, and I’m now in contact with Daniel.

Denmark is working towards a European ACA office in Copenhagen. We have now translated 3 of the trifolders, H n’ I, 25 questions, and the one on sponsor ship.  People are volunteering to H n’ I.  WSO is getting its own link on the Danish webpage.   Here the European rep will post massages from European events, gatherings ECT.

I’m still waiting for people to get back to me one mails I’ve sent out.

On a personal note I’m still trying to get my head around the outreach Europe, with lots of help from Vonnie.

That’s all for this month

Yours in service


European report for July 2013

European report

Hi All

I have sent letters off to try to establish contacts with different countries. I'm still waiting for a response from most countries.

I am told that in several countries trying to establish an inter-group, here during the autumn. I have sent out letters on activities in the respective countries (Finland – Uk)

In Denmark we have our next intergroup meeting on 25 August, Here there will be a proposal to work on getting the European headquarters in Copenhagen. I know from Larry that somebody in Holland is working towards the same goal. So I follow the development.

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