European Committee

The WSO is a world wide organization. 
The ACA European Committee provides a monthly report on what's happening in Europe.

European Report February 2014

European Report for february 2014

This month I’ve written out to people 21 times, on requests, answering different questions, I’ve been in contact with Spain, Romania, USA, UK, DK, Finland, Latvia, Ireland, Scotland and Holland. 

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Tips for traveling to the USA

As I went to the US on a face to face meeting in Atlanta the were a couple of things you might benefit from my experiences.

When you order your trip make sure that you
1. Order a visa before you buy your plane ticket

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European Report Jan 2014

European report for Jan. 2014

Thank you for an interesting work week in Atlanta. I’ve started on some of the projects. 

Getting Old-timers in Denmark to tell their ACA story. Would like to know what format you want it recorded in.

Getting in contact with the Danish African missionaries to spread the massage.

The question of an European office in Copenhagen is tabled do to absents of interest at this point.

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