European Committee

The WSO is a world wide organization. 
The ACA European Committee provides a monthly report on what's happening in Europe.

European Committee Report for February 2016e

This month has been huge for the European fellowship as a number of counties have signed translation agreements with the WSO: Norway, Portugal, Sweden, and The Netherlands.

Norway: They submitted their translated “free-to-download” literature for approval for the website. 

Sweden: I approved a flyer for an invitation to a convention for the Swedish fellowship on the 23rd of April, because I’m able to read Swedish. The Swedes are opening their first English speaking meeting and have asked me for literature to use at the meeting. 

The Netherlands: The Dutch fellowship is having their 2nd Annual ACA Day on the 9th of April and I have been invited to attend. They are getting their translations for their “free-to-download” literature on the website as well.

Italy: They submitted a piece of literature “I 5 Saggi” presumably a piece like The Basic Five. They are also working on their translations for their “free-to-download” literature for the WSO website and began translating the BRB. 

Latvia: They are signing a translation agreement later this month. The progress of translating is slow because English is spoken by less than 1% of the fellowship. 

Russia: The BRB in Russian will have a huge impact on the translation process in the East European countries (East of the Vistula river) because many people speak Russian. 

Faeroe Islands: They have registered their first ACA meeting and will receive a Lights on Starter kit. I’m in contact with them to see if it would be more practical for them to get a Danish BRB, since Danish is their second language, having been a part of the Danish Krone (Kingdom).

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European Committee Report for January 2016

European Committee Report for January 2016

Our next SKYPE CALL will be on 

the 5th of March at 14:00 CET

Statement from the Bronx Strategic planning meeting Dec. of 2015.

“The ACA WSO Board is committed to supporting the growth of the fellowship and will accomplish this by creating systems, policies and procedures that will nurture global growth, expansion and access, while ensuring that current initiatives are realized”.

The Last two months we have been busy talking about how to proceed with the support structure of the European fellowship. Jeffrey was elected chair of the sub committees of the European Committee (EC) for Finance and Literature. 

We are currently working to support the initiative to establish literature fulfilment in Europe though Amazon.UK and are investigating setting up a similar fulfilment in Denmark. We are waiting on additional information to be able to complete our report but we’re meeting once a week to work on it.

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Agenda for the EC Skype Call on December 5, 2015


Monthly EC Skype Meeting

Saturday, December 5, 2015

14:00 p.m. CET

Skype access information: The meeting will be held under the Skype name acaeurope. If you would like to take part in the meeting, please contact acaeurope 5-10 minutes before the meeting starts.

Please notify the secretary at with changes, additions, or motions for this meeting.

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