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The 2014 Annual Business Conference will be held in April 2014.

Check back here for additional information as it becomes available.

2014 ABC Secretary's Report

     What a wonderful experience it was to attend the 2014 Annual Business Conference of the ACA fellowship and WSO. It was held on the beautiful campus of Trinity University in Deerfield, IL. on April 25th and 26th

We arrived on Friday morning, meeting and greeting old friends and making new ones. It was great to be able to put faces together with the voices of some of those who've begun in service by attending our monthly teleconferences. We were called to order at 10:03 a.m. reciting the Serenity Prayer. Laura read our ACA Traditions; Charlie read our ACA Commitment to Service. The reading for the day from our Meditation book, Strengthening My Recovery, was read by Martin C., from the UK. We then received a warm welcome from Al, of the West Great Lakes Intergroup, who wore 3 hats--literally. One hat--which was no hat, presented Al--a fellow traveler---attending the ABC for the opportunity

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2014 ABC Board Meeting Minutes


Adult Children of Alcoholics-World Service Organization

P.O. Box 3216 Torrance, California 90510

Tel: 310-534-1815      

2014 ABC       Trinity University, Deerfield, IL       April 25-26

A. Called to Order: The 2014 ABC WSO Board meeting of the Trustees was called to order April 26, 2014 at 4:49 p.m. EST by Larry A., Chairman, and opened with The Serenity Prayer.

B. Board Members Present: Larry, Mary Jo, Joan, Karen, MajBrit, Ines, Vonnie, Martin, Allen

C. Quorum established

D. After reading theMinutes of the 2013 ABC WSO Board meeting, a motion was made (Ines) and the minutes were approved.

E. Old Business: none brought forward

F. New Business Items Discussed:

          1. Rotation of Service (terms of service for Trustee and for Executive Board Members as outlined in the OPPM)

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2014 ABC meeting minutes


2014 ABC

April 25-26, 2014

Meeting Minutes

Trinity University, Deerfield, IL          Hosted by West Great Lakes Intergroup


   A. Called to Order: The 2014 Annual Business Conference of the ACA fellowship and WSO was called to order at 10:03 a.m. on Friday, April 25th by reciting the Serenity Prayer, led by Larry A.

          1. Laura read our ACA Traditions

          2. Charlie read our ACA Commitment to Service

          3. Martin read the reading of the day from Strengthening My Recovery


B. Welcome: by Al, Chair of City Hosting Committee and West Great Lakes Intergroup

          1. Gratitude to all service committees and volunteers who helped bring this ABC together

          2. Larry A. was elected as Chairman for the conference.


C. Roll Call of Board Members: Larry A., Chairman; Joan B., Vice Chair, H & I Committee Chair; Mary Jo L., Treasurer; Karen R., Secretary; Vonnie G., Trustee, MPS Committee Chair; Majbrit M., European Committee Chair and Trusted Servant; Ines Z., Trustee, Spanish Liaison Subcommittee Chair and Allen C., Trustee, member of Treasurer Committee

          1. Introduction of ABC Delegates

                        Amendment(a) made at the 2015 ABC, to add to the list of attendees provided by the 2014 ABC Chair, that Vonnie G was present to represent ACA meeting # TEL173 as a delegate and that historically, this was the first representation of an ACA Telephone meeting at an ABC.    

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RESULTS for 2014 ABC Proposals


Proposal 2014-4                    

Submitted by Telephone Meeting (TEL173), 8:15 a.m. EST Thursday,That the literature available within the ACA fellowship on the Basic 5 Needs and the six essential recovery tasks be made open for discussion within ACA, in order to have it approved and integrated as part of the official fellowship (conference approved) literature.

Motion Carried         15 yes, 7 no            (22)

 Proposal 2014-11  
Submitted by The Bronx, NY (NY084), Fridays 7 p.m., brought forward to motion by Al:     That the WSO develop a piece of literature further elaborating the materials briefly described in the first pages of the first chapter of the Fellowship Text concerning the other Laundry Lists and its implications for Adult Children recovery.
Motion Carried unanimously      (26)                                                                                                

Proposal 2014-16
Submitted by Madison, WI (WI076), 10:30, brought forward to motion by Marsha:
To include in the 25 QUESTIONS, AM I AN ADULT CHILD trifold, how someone who was raised in a home with mental illness can grow up to have some of the same issues an adult child of an alcoholic has.

Motion Carried  (25 yes, 1 no, 1 abstain)    (27)       

Proposal 2014-19
Submitted by Grover Beach, CA (IG#076), 1st Saturday at 3:45 p.m., brought forward to motion by
Move to have Hospitals & Institutions Chair and/or committee develop and publish guidelines as a brochure for Intergroup use when contacting jails, hospitals, community mental health professionals, halfway houses, shelters, and prisons. This includes, but is not limited to, information about ACA, ACA literature, educational presentations, programs, and/or materials, volunteer speakers, and initial meeting leaders to be used to begin meetings where none exists.

Motion Failed  (9 yes, 13 no, 0 abstain)  (22)                     

Proposal 2014-23

Submitted by Grover Beach, CA (IG#076), 1st Saturday at 3:45 p.m. brought forward to motion by Vonnie:
Move to institute an annual international day in January to celebrate the ACA Birthday.

Motion Carried     (24 yes, 1 no, 1 abstain)     (26)    

January 2014 ABC Report

January 2014 ABC Report:

The 2014 West Great Lakes Intergroup Chair, Al, and I spoke last on December 31, 2013 and discussed plans for the ABC.

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