Ballot Prep

Ballot Prep Subcommittee Report - June 2016

An article outlining the current Ballot Proposal procedures and all pertinent deadlines has been written and was presented to the BPC members via Slack before hopeful inclusion in the special ABC edition of the ComLine coming up. In addition, committee members have collected, and are reviewing, balloting submission procedures and protocols for other organizations like ACA.

The goal of this review is see what would make the process more efficient for both the groups submitting the proposal and those who research the proposals before being presented in the annual ACA Group Conscience Survey.

Some items of interest in other fellowships are:
1. Proposals must reference what specifically it affects in the fellowships current state
2. Requiring regional/area votes be taken before presentation to the fellowship for voting
3. Referring all submitted proposals to committees for review before balloting
4. Is the item of an urgent nature

A review of ballot proposals submitted within ACA over the years is also underway. In the early days of ACA most of the ballots were focused on the foundation of our fellowship and now that the Big Red Book and other literature is in place the focus appears to have shifted to other areas.

This information may help us see where we are getting the ACA message out. For anyone reading this report on the ACA website I encourage you to talk to your group about the 2017 ballot proposal process and the Group Conscience Survey (GCS).

The statistics from the 2016 were:
23 Ballot Proposals were sent in the 2016 GCS to 1500 registered ACA groups
87 GCS Surveys were returned or just 5.8 percent of registered groups responded.

Was your group’s voice one of them? Yours in Service,

Tom R. Chairman,

Ballot Prep Subcommittee Report - May 2016

The Ballot Prep sub-Committee (BPC) was set up to examine the current Ballot procedures for the ACA Fellowship. Since being appointed Chair of the BPC after the 2016 ABC conference the committee has attracted 8 members and a few members have already made suggestions to the committee.

The BPC is looking to make current procedures and submission deadlines clearly worded, translated, and available online and in the COM LINE to the ACA fellowship as soon as possible as a means of encouraging increased participation in the next annual Group Conscience Survey (GCS).

ACA is one of the few, if not the only, 12 Step fellowships to allow individual groups and Intergroups to submit proposals directly to the WSO for the annual ABC Delegates to vote on without going through some level of regional or area balloting first. Currently there are no provisions in the current procedures for the handling of proposals that are:

1. Items already in committee or under WSO Board consideration
2. Items that seem to fall under the 4th Tradition
3. Items that appear to be possible regional or cultural issues
4. Items that are restated in several separate proposals or seem to be nonsensical

In addition, the online submission process, coupled with the current low group response rate, makes it easy for someone to submit a proposal that appears to be from a registered group and that group’s conscience was never taken before the proposal was submitted.

Developing guidelines to process proposals like these will save the limited resources of the ACA Fellowship and WSO Board, both in time and money, permitting those limited resources to be used elsewhere to carry the ACA message.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve
Tom R. Chairman, BPC Committee

Ballot Prep Subcommittee Report - April 2016

This subcommittee known as Ballot Prep, was initiated to assist the membership with understanding the process of submitting ballot proposals to the WSO Board at the annual ABC meetings and to make recommendations on ways to improve that process.

It was expressed there seems to be a lack of information known about the process of submitting ballot proposals to be taken up at the annual ABC meeting of the World Service Organization. The committee's charge is to examine the current ballot proposal process with respect to the members' understanding, preparing and submitting ballot proposals to the board and to make recommendations on how to improve the process.

Tom R, a delegate from
PA093, has volunteered to chair this committee. If you would like to be considered for this very important committee, please send an email to

Ballot / GCS Preparation Committee (BPC) Statement of Purpose

Ballot / GCS Preparation Committee (BPC)
Statement of Purpose
To review the current Ballot / GCS (Group Conscience Survey) procedures of the ACA
Fellowship; discuss, formulate and recommend to the ACA WSO Board suggestions for
improvement of the current Ballot / GCS system with emphasis to the following items:
1. Clarify the Ballot / Group Conscience Survey procedures for ACA groups, Intergroups
and the ACA fellowship worldwide so as to remove any perceived sense of obfuscation
of the Ballot / GCS process by the ACA WSO. Publish the proposal and balloting
procedures, along with submission deadlines on the ACA website, in the COM LINE and
in the Operating Policy and Procedures Manual (OPPM) when it is updated.
2. Communicate with ACA registered groups and Intergroups worldwide to help them
understand that they have the right, and the responsibility, through their group conscience
to offer proposals for additions, and/or changes to, ACA Policies, Procedures and
Publications that they feel will be beneficial to the collective ACA groups, Intergroups,
WSO and ACA Fellowship provided they are submitted within the current procedural
timelines in the ACA Operating Policy and Procedures Manual (OPPM).
3. Examine all proposals submitted to ascertain that they were submitted by the group
conscience of a registered ACA group or Intergroup and to make sure the desired intent is
clearly understood and appropriately translated prior to being presented to the
membership in the annual ACA Group Conscience Survey.
4. Encourage all ACA registered groups and Intergroups worldwide to participate in
exercising their right to be heard through the ACA GCS process and to vote on any/or all
proposals presented by other ACA groups, Intergroups or the WSO Board, provided they
are submitted within the procedural timelines established by the OPPM.