Ballot Prep

2018 ABC Ballot to be sent in December

WSO has received 12 Ballot Proposals for the 2018 ABC.  The WSO Analysis has been written for each one and everything has been sent to the various translation groups throughout the world to translate if they choose to do so.

The Ballot will be sent to all groups in early December for voting that will determine which of the Proposals will be discussed at the ABC.

  Stay tuned for more information.  


The ABC Ballot Prep Committee

July 2017 Ballot Proposal Committee

Milestones to date in preparation for the 2018 ABC:

  • The "Call for Proposals" email blast was sent to all meetings last week.
  • A copy of that letter has been posted in the Repository in this Ballot Prep section for any meetings that didn't receive it. 
  • A document is also available in this section called "Crafting a Proposal" to help groups create a concise and relevant proposal.  
  • There have been no proposals submitted as of now.
  • No one has emailed the committee's email account with questions or comments.


Bonnie K-M and Mary Jo L - Co-Chairs

Jim R., ABC Committee Chair

2018 Ballot Proposals - Crafting a Proposal

Crafting a Proposal


A Proposal is a group's vehicle for bringing an idea, issue, or concern before the entire fellowship. Each year the World Service Organization (WSO) issues a Call for Proposals to all registered groups. Once the WSO adds an analysis, proposals are sent in the form of a Ballot to all the Groups. Groups vote for and comment on proposals to potentially be included in the agenda at the next ABC.

Proposals may total no more than 500 words each, and are formatted in three parts:

  • Issue -The specific action or change you are seeking from WSO, preferably as a single statement.
  • The background or history of the issue or item.
  • An argument in favor of the action or change.

As an international organization we have meetings in many languages, countries, and settings. Proposals must be quickly analyzed before they can be translated and sent for voting. Therefore, Proposals are best kept as specific and succinct as possible, addressing matters of concern to ACA as a whole.


If you have questions about drafting a proposal, or need help to put your idea in the needed format, please contact the Ballot Preparation Committee at

Ideas for new literature, edits to existing items, and literature submissions may be sent directly to the Literature Committee using the Contact form on the WSO website - - choose the ACA WSO Literature Committee from the dropdown menu.

Examples of Past Proposals

#1 - From 2016: This proposal was very well written. Although it would better have been submitted to the Literature Committee as noted above, it is an example of the group submitted a specific issue, put it in context, and made a clear case as to why it should be addressed by the fellowship.

Issue: We propose that… The New Meeting Packet include different alternatives for a Meeting Format.

History/Reasoning: The present suggested format seems inadequate and even awkward. We realize it is an editable format, but it doesn’t have some of the essential elements many meetings use, including the Traditions and the reading of the day from the Meditation Book. It also doesn’t include some of the meeting format sample in the BRB that seem essential, such as the part about Fixing and that ACA is not therapy. Many meetings also do things in a different order, for instance, announcements come before sharing.

Argument in favor: We realize that this document can’t be all things to all people. We just would like to give people more choices that come from the experience, strength and hope of established meetings, rather than have new meetings reinvent the wheel, especially those started by newcomers in new areas. It’s about providing information they can choose from, not making decisions for groups. We hope to give each meeting the best start they can

#2 - From 2015: This proposal, like the previous example, addresses a specific issue, offers relevant background, and makes a logical argument.

Issue: We propose that copies of any material referenced in a ballot proposal be made available with the ballot or on the WSO website for groups to review before voting. (Exclusive of the 500 word limit.)

History/Reasoning: In the past ballot proposals have requested action regarding specific materials without making them available for review. 

Argument in Favor: Materials could easily be attached to paper or electronic ballots, posted on the webpage, links or at least citations provided. However, without access to the material in question an informed group conscience is not possible. (Of course, we would gladly withdraw this proposal should any changes to the OPPM render it moot.)

#3 - From 2015: Like the other examples this proposal introduces a specific issue for consideration with some flexibility in outcome or implementation. (Mostly what, not how.)

Issue: We propose a requirement for future WSO Trustees to be qualified by at least one year’s active service to an Intergroup, Region, or other intermediate-level service body. If needed, this requirement may be implemented incrementally, intending to apply to all trustees by the 2025 ABC.

History/Reasoning: Currently prospective trustees are required to attend five monthly Board teleconferences. Other than suggesting prior service with the WSO Board itself, the current Operating Policies and Procedures Manual requires no previous service experience; neither does the Board currently accept nominations for trustees from the fellowship at large

Argument in Favor:Trustees without prior service experience may find it difficult to “hit the ground running” once seated, increasing the workload for other trustees and leaving the Board less responsive to the needs of the fellowship. Developing servant leaders at the intermediate level will create a more vital and effective Board. This requirement will also enhance the Trustees’ commitment to the wider service structure by emphasizing intermediate levels of service. It will establish a more effective and consistent means for the Board to draw on the Experience, Strength and Hope of the wider fellowship. Furthermore, it supports the traditions’ ideal of bottom-up servant leadership.

2018 ABC Call for Proposals

ANNOUNCEMENT:  The following is the letter that was sent to all contacts for groups that are registered with WSO.  We are posting it here in case any groups did not get it. 


Dear Fellow ACA,

You are receiving this email because you are listed as the contact person for an ACA Meeting or Intergroup with the World Service Organization. Please share this information with your group(s).

If there are any changes to your group’s contact information, please use his link to update your group’s listing.

Thank you.

Now to the direct business at hand . . .


Each year the ACA WSO holds our Annual Business Conference (ABC) and ACA World Convention (AWC) in April. This coming year they will be held April 26-29, 2018 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Prior to the ABC, registered ACA Meetings and Intergroups (Groups) around the world have an opportunity to submit proposals that they feel may benefit ACA as a whole. These proposals are then sent out to all ACA Groups worldwide. Groups are then asked to return a ballot indicating which proposals they wish to see included in the ABC agenda.

The specific process and timing are as follows:

If your group has a proposal we suggest you review the “Crafting a Proposal” document on the WSO website Repository -   This will give you some guidance about what makes a good proposal and also what you may decide is better sent to a WSO Committee instead. 

When you’re ready to submit your proposal to be considered for the ABC agenda do the following:  

Those are the things that you do; then the following happens:

  • Proposals are reviewed by the appropriate committee(s) and trusted servants and, if needed, the intent clarified with the submitting group.
  • After composing an analysis of each proposal, they are translated and then sent out to the fellowship in the form of a ballot on or about December 1, 2017.
Ballots must be returned to WSO no later than February 28, 2018.
Proposals that receive at least a 2/3rds affirmative vote will then be placed on the agenda for consideration at the 2018 ABC.
If you have any questions about this process, (or need assistance drafting a proposal) please send an email to Yours in Service,
The 2018 Ballot Preparation Committee

2018 ABC Ballot

Dear Adult Children,

Our Annual Business Conference (ABC), is the gathering of delegates from meetings and Intergroups who consider fellowship proposals for possible action at the World Service level.

The next ABC will be April 26 and 27, followed by the ACA World Convention (AWC) on April 28 and 29. Prior to the ABC, registered meetings and Intergroups have the opportunity to submit proposals for changes to improve ACA. These proposals are then compiled and sent to all groups for consideration. Those proposals that receive enough votes are placed on the ABC agenda for discussion and considered for action.

Watch this space for further information to arrive soon.